Sadey's Sail
A casual resource management game about Captain Sadey, her trusty ship, and her rapscallion crew sailing the high seas in search of fortune and adventure!

If you love PIRATES, MONEY, RUM, SEA ADVENTURES or ideally all of these things, you should check it out!

TRYST is a 3D ambient 1-2 player local co-op puzzle platformer. Conceived at the 2015 Global Game Jam. We spent a year polishing and tuning this game in our free time. 10 levels, 2 lovers, and 1 night of deadly passion. Check out the page to download it!
Blocked Up
Blocked Up is our submission from our very own Full Moon Game Jam, hosted by us on! With a theme of "DUALITY" we mashed up the genres of a match 3 puzzle game with a traditional 2D platformer. Use Bruce to maneuver around the blocks to obtain a highscore by making matching sets of blocks and using power ups. Be careful Bruce doesn't get crushed!
Rusty's Rail
Rusty's Rail is a new game from our Bonus Level jam team. Created in 2 days for #ToJam13. It is a casual, somewhat silly, somewhat serious resource management game/simulation. It's quick and easy, so give it a try for free on either Windows or Mac by following the link above!
Bear-ly There
Bear-ly There is a quick and quirky game about Bearis the Bear trying to brave his northern climate. You will tumble, roll, and flop your way along life's journey on your hunt for food. But don't fall behind, winter is on its way and you need to be tucked warmly into your den for hibernation!
Stray Bones
Stray Bones is a vertical physics platformer, playable on Windows and Mac, but is best experienced on Android. A single input game (mouse/touch) great for commuting, or when you just have a minute or two to kill. Made for Global Game Jam 2019 in Toronto in 2 busy busy days.
Just Jumps
Just Jumps is a 2D physics platformer with a heavy emphasis on speed! Made in just over two days for Global Game Jam 2017! The idea is to stay alive, and it will not be easy. Get caught slippin' and you'll be in the drink for sure. Try it out by clicking the Download button above!
Photomancer is a spooky 2D top-down puzzle adventure game. This was made in 48 hours at the 2016 #ToJam11 game jam. Download it now for free!
Forever Stone
A Unity game I made for the Procedural Death Labyrinth Jam. If you beat the Hardcore level, I'll be very impressed!
Jake and Amir Random Generator
This page is a random personality generator for Jake and Amir fans. I wrote this up with the Twine engine just as a little exercise. It also served as a great creative outlet for all my J&A energy. All quotes were pulled from their YouTube videos. For accuracy, I double checked some of the quotes using their script archive:
Into The Void
A small "infinite climbing" game I made a few years ago when I first started with Unity! Bounce your way up the steps, just don't look down!
I got three of my friends together to make this game. For Game Prototype Challenge v17, it includes the two themes: Islands and Entanglement. Less than 72 hours of work put into this one altogether.
Fight X For Y
A browser-friendly game made for the Game Prototype Challenge v16 by myself and Mike Gillespie in 5 days. It's a dungeon crawler based off the challenge's two abstract themes: Four Colours and Absorption. NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD! Just click above to start the game!!